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Conquer Back Pain - Restore Function - Move With Confidence - Perform Better

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"I am humbled by what my body has accomplished.  
A huge amount of thanks and gratitude!"  

"Simple movements, astounding effects. I am getting stronger and more mobile every day.  It makes so much sense to work on the whole body.  My chronic back pain is receding. I wish I could have started this program years ago.  Profound thanks.
The Personal NewBack Program is a comprehensive, fully supported
guided movement rehabilitation practice.

The Personal Program provides all the resources need to 
permanently repair back injury and eliminate pain.

Conducted under the supervision of a certified, professional Yoga Therapist.

The Personal Program includes:
  An initial assessment to review your injury
Regular assessment to review your progress
  Attendance at private or group NewBack - Recover and Restore  classes
  Attendance at private or group NewBack - Active  classes
  Guidance through the movements
  Guidance through the principles of the NewBack practice
  Access to home practices provided online through NewBack Streaming

The Personal NewBack Program  is currently conducted at the following location:

Therapist: Dr Roger Drinkwater, BSc, Hons, PhD, ERYT, PYT, HC
Location:  Inner Light Yoga and Wellness, Vernon, BC
Contact : Email: [email protected]

Getting Started
Personal NewBack Program 
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