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Conquer Back Pain - Restore Function - Move With Confidence - Perform Better
Why Strengthen the Back of the Body? 

Our lifestyles, work habits and even fitness training are loading our bodies incorrectly leading to postural imbalance and incorrect structural alignment.

This can lead to significant injuries in the back and major joints.
To overcome these issues and to help prevent injury a fundamental change has to occur in core strength in the back of the body (the Posterior Kinetic Chain) and in the mechanics of movement.
This is a powerful program that 
generates lasting results

Use NewBack Active Therapy to completely change the way your body moves and feels​
NewBack Active Therapy arose out of necessity 

Observing many people attending general yoga and exercise classes to repair injuries and pain in the lower back, NewBack  was created as a specialist Yoga practice.

With extensive testing, use and refinement, NewBack Active Therapy  has evolved and expanded into three comprehensive practices. 
NewBack - Recover and Restore
​For the treatment of injury and pain in the lower back, back, hips, shoulders and neck. This practice is a set of 30 movements conducted mainly on the floor.  These movements build strength and flexibility into the mid body and major joints. Use this practice to move again in comfort, safety and with complete confidence.
NewBack - Active
​Stronger movements mostly conducting in a standing position focusing in the back of the body (the Posterior Kinetic Chain). This practice realigns the body into neutral and builds strength and flexibility in the legs, hips, back and shoulders. This practice strongly supports active lifestyles.
  The lower spine is meant to be stable. 

NewBack  builds that stability with muscle strength and with awareness of the correct movement patterns through the knees, hips and shoulders.

 Importantly, NewBack focuses on supporting the muscles and connective tissue of the pelvic girdle.
The Posterior Kinetic Chain
The muscles and connective tissue in the back of the body are collectively called the Posterior Kinetic Chain (PKC).

They are a powerful set of tissues that support the spine, helping to establish and maintain correct balance, movement, posture and alignment.

The PKC is the true core of the body.

For a balanced body, every strengthening exercise completed in the front (abdominal) core muscles should be matched by four strengthening movements in the PKC
  Getting Started with NewBack Active Therapy
What is NewBack Active Therapy?

Launched in January 2013, NewBack Active Therapy  is the culmination of eight years of concept initiation, program development, client assessment and program delivery. 

NewBack uses well established principles from yoga and best practices from the medical, allied health and fitness industries to create a modern and innovative approach to injury rehabilitation.

Importantly, NewBack  is an active rehabilitation practice.  That is, you do the rehabilitation work and not the therapist.  If you want to permanently repair injury and eliminate chronic pain you must change your core strength, flexibility, alignment, posture and movement patterns. You will only achieve this by engaging consistently in an active practice such as NewBack

Over 10,000 hours of successful client management has established NewBack  as a leading rehabilitation program.    
The NewBack Active Therapy Practices

Roger DrinkwaterBSC, Hons, PhD, ERYT, HC
Creator and Founder, NewBack Active Therapy

Roger is a certified yoga instructor, and a health counselor. 
He trained in the Kripalu yoga tradition, 
a practice that is strongly focused toward therapeutic principles. 
He teaches the NewBack classes and conducts his practice at the 
Inner Light Yoga and Wellness studio in Vernon, BC, Canada.  

Prior to adopting yoga instructing as a full time profession, Roger was a medical scientist specialising in physiology, biochemistry, molecular genetics and pharmacology. This work primarily involved the discovery and development of new diagnostics and products for human medicine. Within this, he worked extensively with patients with severe acute and chronic pain conditions. Roger’s work in science has extended into business where as CEO he has founded and managed international companies. 

Roger has a lifetime involvement in sports and outdoor activities. He has been a representative rugby league and rugby union player and has extensive involvement in managing the performance and injury rehabilitation of rugby players and teams. This experience, together with his training and practice in science, yoga and yoga therapy have contributed to his extensive background in injury and pain management.

He incorporates his skills and life experience into the development of new health and wellness programs. 

"I now have complete relief from my sciatica and back pain and am now back to playing high level tennis on almost a daily basis. I recently competed in a tennis tournament, something I could not even dream of doing 4 months ago!​
Many Thanks!"

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“The last couple of days I have gotten out of bed with no back pain!! I can’t remember the last time I did not have back pain getting out of bed – it must be 15 or 20 years ago! Over the last couple of days, (my wife) also is waking up in the morning without neck pain!!” 
  “Thanks so much”  
The contents of this website are based upon the opinions of The NewBack Active Therapy team unless otherwise noted. The information provided is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the NewBack group and others from the rehabilitation community.  You are encouraged you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with qualified health care professionals.